A beginner's guide to smart homes

smart home instllation services | vin secure solutions
smart home instllation services | vin secure solutions

Smart home guide for beginners: 4 ways to make your home smarter

These days, mentioning smart houses is a given whenever there is a discussion about modern dwellings. Everyone talks about it and how it has changed and will continue to impact different home functions. Let's confess that, despite how well-liked this topic may be, not everyone is familiar with the term "smart homes." As a result, we're bringing you a beginner's guide today that will explain this emerging trend and show you how to convert any conventional home into a smart home.

So, let us start by apprehending the term 'smart homes'. It is a residence that uses internet-connected devices that enable monitoring and accessing of electrical gadgets and systems remotely. To explain this further, it allows people to manage various associated appliances such as lights, air conditioners, television sets, from any location by the simple use of an app on the smartphone, a tablet or a network device. This easy-to-operate system thereby facilitates a comfortable, convenient, and safe lifestyle.

These modern homes, sometimes referred to as automated homes, are becoming more and more popular, but they are also coming up against difficulties around the world. Surprisingly, the issue is perception rather than turning a traditional home into a sophisticated modern building. Contrary to reality, a lot of people think this will be a huge undertaking and expensive. In actuality, a smart home may be created even on a budget and without rebuilding the current electrical system.

Today, we'll focus on four techniques that anyone may utilise to transform their standard home into a modern, smart home.

1. Audio/Video and Appliance control

To convert your multimedia room into a smart studio, all you need to do is streamline the various audio and visual platforms together with the Wi-Fi network. This unified connection of multiple speakers to one hub henceforth enables music to traverse to all linked device by a simple tap of the smartphone app or by voice.

This seamless linkage thus, makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the music being streamed in any room. Similarly, for an enhanced television or a movie-watching experience, merging the TV audio to that of the sound bar or music system can magnify the overall experience by providing a theatre-like sound quality to the room.

This direct control of all inputs and outputs to an integrated system will enable smart and seamless management of the home entertainment system.

2. Smart Switches

The first step in converting your traditional home into a smart home can be as simple as switching a regular switch to a smart switchboard.

These automation switches convert regular devices into smart gadgets using an interplay of Radio Frequency (RF) & Wi-fi based technologies. These smart gateways, thus seamlessly connect the smart switches and make them remote controllable via mobile app or even voice assistants like Amazon Alexa & Google Home. The sleek and premium finished switches not only add to the aesthetics of the room but also helps to transform a home into a smart home

The smart switches offer sophisticated capabilities like light dimming and mood scene adjustments in addition to their core function of turning on and off.

smart switches | vin secure solutions
smart switches | vin secure solutions

3. Smart lighting

smart lighting | vin secure solutions
smart lighting | vin secure solutions

One of the simple entrance points to a smart home is lighting. Once installed and connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it allows users to control the numerous functions—switching on and off, dimming, and altering the brightness—from any location, including the office, a party, or even while on vacation. Anyone can easily regulate these fundamental operations and alter the atmosphere of the space using the simple-to-use smartphone application.

4. Air conditioning

In the last few years, air conditioners have regularly been upgraded with several new features like the auto on/off, climate control, etc. But to use these latest functions, it is essential to be inside the house to pre-program it. Thus, finding a room to a perfect temperature when coming from somewhere outside has so far not been possible provided you have purchased the latest in-built WI-FI enabled air conditioners (AC).

However, this configuration is evolving, making it feasible to control the cooling from anywhere, even without an AC. Who knows how? Simple: any AC may now be transformed into a smart device without paying a fortune thanks to the newest easy-to-control smart plugs. All you have to do to regulate anything from temperature to humidity to air quality is connect the main socket to the smart switch, install an app on your smartphone, or voice-control it with Alexa or Google Home. Additionally, employing SmartH technology, these plugs provide advanced control, such as turning the AC on and off for a specific room or floor and incorporating it into various user-programmable sequences.

So, changing a conventional home into a smart home is not as technical as it may seem; a good Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone are all you need. Also, with voice recognition devices going mainstream, the day is not far when all fundamental to intricate functions of a home will be managed by simple voice command. Till then, convert your smartphone into an all-purpose remote and control all integrated devices with the tap of your finger.

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